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Aufrecht  is a global organization engaged in sustainability and renewable energy. We serve a  growing network of Resellers in several countries by offering them education and training, products,  services, vendor relations, technical support and business consulting.


While Aufrecht maintains a desk for government contracts and national accounts, our business model, indeed our mission is the Reseller network.

Products and Pricing


Aufrecht has established relationships with lighting, solar, SIPS and automatic controls manufacturers and strategic partners. Relationships are often 1st or 2nd tier thereby insuring the best pricing to Resellers.




We offer training leading to national certifications in every area of sustainability and energy in which we are engaged.

Where We Began

The forerunner to Aufrecht was a  real estate development firm. From the very beginning the firm did things a little differently. The founders believed that the environment came first, even before profits, and every decision made from that day onward has reflected that commitment.


For the next 15 years Structural Insulated Panel or SIPS technology was championed resulting in substantial saving of time and money to our clients; while preserving the environment. By 2013 lighting solutions,  solar products and automatic control systems were incorporated.


That same year Aufrecht Technologies was  unofficially launched to satisfy a growing demand by Contractors, Builders, even young military veterans who wanted an opportunity to own a business rather than look for employment. Many of our Resellers today are attorneys, teachers, recent college graduates and a host of individuals with very diverse backgrounds.

Thanks in part to the message of environmental sustainability reaching every part of the globe, we signed our first international distributor in South Africa in 2015. Aufrecht does not plan to launch a recruitment campaign until September of 2015. It is slated to start in the United States and continue through 2017. We anticipate substantial participation on both the African and South American continents in 2016-2017.

With market acceptance of our products and services has come the next chapter in the Aufrecht story; business consulting.


Why is business consulting so important?


"In real life, a startup is a portfolio of activities. A lot is happening simultaneously: the engine is running, acquiring new customers and serving existing ones; we are tuning, trying to improve our product, marketing and operations; and we are steering, deciding when and if to pivot. The challenge of entrepreneurship is to balance all these activities. Even the smallest startup faces the challenge of supporting existing customers while trying to innovate. Even the most established company faces the imperative to invest in innovation lest it become obsolete. As companies grow, what changes is the mix of these activities in the company's portfolio of work."


Eric Ries

The Lean Startup

Recent Resellers

It is in everyone's best interest when our newest Reseller has the same opportunity to succeed as our first . Our commitment is to the development of a strong, viable and profitable network of Resellers worldwide.  That vision will never be realized unless we do everything we can as a company to insure the success of every Reseller in our network.

How We Can Help You

How We Help You Grow

Schedule a closer look at AIMS today! See why business owners say they can't imagine business management any other way. To schedule just click the AIMS button below. Still need more information, click the more info button below to continue.


If you are ready to speak with someone about becoming an Aufrecht Reseller? Click the Reseller Form button below. Complete  the form and submit. Someone will contact you within 10 days.



More Info

AIMS is an acronym for Aufrecht Integrated Management System, and is among the most advanced Small Business Management Systems available today. Business consulting has always been part of the Aufrecht Resellers Program. In 2013 business consulting consisted of our Guide to assist young business owners establish their companies legal status, set up financial reporting systems, understand taxes, and a host of other topics. Today AIMS assists our consultants in some very powerful ways.


Four Focus Areas



Resellers learn how to perform initial assessments and detailed audits and leverage data-driven analysis to craft solutions that lower energy costs and enhance operational efficiency.



Resellers detailed analysis and growing product knowledge; our experienced installation are all combined to develop practical solutions that yield real results for clients.



Aufrecht can arrange financing  for 95% of energy reduction projects as Resellers are  taught to compute savings that result in outstanding ROI that often pay for the  project.


Implementation and Monitoring

Aufrecht assists Resellers complete facility upgrades using time-tested processes that deliver high-quality and low-risk solutions on-time and on-budget; while crafting a long term solution and monitoring system.


AIMS is more powerful than an ERP II system and provides business owners the ability to manage all aspects of their business from a tablet.

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