Aufrecht Technologies and its network of Resellers are among the best trained lighting retrofit analysts, energy auditors (commercial and residential), automatic control systems and solar installation analyst. When you get serious about reducing your cost of energy and are looking for a complete solution, call us (1-888-472-5944) and a highly trained professional will start the process of lowering your cost today and manage it for the long term.

Lighting Analysis

Building owners and managers are always concerned about operating costs. Those costs include lighting and upgrades which are designed to lower electrical costs. Decisions  to retrofit with efficient lighting may be initiated based on a desire to lower costs but what will be the replacement lighting and why. That is why a lighting analysis is so important.


Lighting analysis provides professionals a clear understanding of installed lighting but more important a through investigation will document building owners lighting objectives. Buildings change hands and business types and sometimes lighting plans need to upgraded to provide present businesses ideal solutions.


What will be recommended, how much will it cost, can it be financed; we train you to answer throughly and completely.



Control Audits


Automatic controls have been part of the industrial landscape for half a century but is only recently been finding its way into the average office environment. The reason is simple, automatic lighting controls. Aufrecht is proud to be a reseller of Orion line of control products.


There are thousands of lighting manufacturers and start-up retrofit companies. Millions of technology option configurations.


Only one company, Orion Energy Systems, has a customized suite of American-made solutions that can deliver your business to the future of lighting and energy management. At Orion we mean business, which is great for your business.


As the industry’s #1 provider of energy retrofit solutions and services, Orion exists to be our customers’ supplier of choice.  There are undoubtedly other companies that offer lighting components to the market.  Unlike those other companies, our world-class products, unsurpassed services and commitment to providing complete energy retrofit solutions set us apart.


We are energy specialists who take pride in making your facility look extraordinary with advanced and effective products that perform better than any alternative and provide more value.  Let our knowledgeable and experienced team create that value for you.




Solar Analysis


The US residential solar market grew by 76% in the first quarter of 2015, when compared to a year earlier, installing 437 MW, according to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association.


In figures released in the latest US Solar Market Insight report published by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEA), the US installed 1.3 GW of solar PV across all market segments, despite one of the worst winters ever recorded. And this, despite the fact that the first quarter is normally expected to be the slowest of the four quarters. Nevertheless, Q1’15 still grew 11% over Q4’14.


“In the first quarter of this year, the U.S. installed more residential solar than natural gas, and solar on the whole accounted for 51 percent of all new electric generating brought on-line. We expect more than 3 million residential solar installations over the next five years, marked by a broader trend toward customer engagement in energy usage, generation and management.”

Aufrecht Resellers are able to take advantage of four industries that are clear leaders in the sustainability and energy reduction technologies.


Call us today about your future.



Aufrecht Design / Build

The Aufrecht Design/Build Studio serves builders, architects, municipal planners, as well as consumers direct. The process starts with an orientation meeting where a client outlines their project in detail. Architects often bring plans they have developed and we are able to to turn the plans into usable SIPS plans and provide a quote.


Municipal planners are learning to take full advantage of the Aufrecht Design/Build Studio. City and Community Planners establish long term relationships by working with the Studio to design multiple projects with build-out schedules that span a number of years. The Studio provides short term design, products, and other services including project management. Long term relationships result in deep reductions of fees generally associated with single projects. By including the Studio in advanced planning cities and communities leverage limited resources and can achieve more of their long term goals.


Home owners and small business owners alike have heard of the substantial savings provided clients who design and build with SIPS. Contact your Aufrecht Reseller today for a quote.

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