The Aufrecht Resellers Program was launched in 2014 with three(3) charter Resellers. By 2015 the program has quickly become the backbone of the Aufrecht System with twelve (12) Resellers signed. A new recruitment program has been developed with a launch date scheduled for early autumn. By the end of the first year of our recruitment program in 2016 the company has targeted a goal of 250 Resellers worldwide.


The Resellers Program is invaluable for small business owners looking for new service opportunities, product lines or both. Business owners with existing relationships can leverage those relationships into new profits. New owners can rest with the notion that they are not in business alone and have access the the best products in the world.


The Aufrecht Reseller Program is one of the best small business development programs regardless of industry.  The Program allows individuals to start from where ever they are and become certified professionals in lighting, energy, structural insulated panels and/or solar solutions sales.


After completing training new Resellers are assigned a business consultant that will  work with them to grow their business. Our consultants are trained to work  with owners to achieve their goals and objectives. A number of owners have expressed comfort in having an experienced voice helping them navigate critical moments in the lives of their companies.


The most exciting tool Resellers have in their arsenal is AIMS, the Aufrecht Integrated Management System. AIMS is a cloud based application that can be installed and run from most smart phones or tablets.


AIMS is include in the training of all new employees as everything necessary to affect sales and services are accomplished through the AIMS platform. Owners are provided 12 additional hours of AIMS while working with their consultants.





AIMS is the most advanced ERP II Small Business Management System out today.


In 1990, research firm Gartner Group coined the term Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP. It quickly became a catchall phrase to identify back office enterprise functions that included financial, HR, accounting, purchasing, ordering and costing.”


“ERP II takes the ERP foundation and extends it to include the supply and value chains (e.g., Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) .” Another tool to assist Aufrecht Resellers stay competitive.


When coupled with Woodson Consultants owners develop the ability to take mobile analytics to constantly manage their organization's health.

Reseller Training


Cal today to see when the next class is starting. It could be the best thing you have ever done.





Technology Certification Institute and Lighting


The Lighting Certification Program was established by the lighting industry in 1991. Both lighting organizations as well as several government agencies whose mission encompasses lighting have been involved since the beginning. Professional certifications are important because they communicate to anyone who knows the industry your level of education, training and competencies. That is the reason TCI choose the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) certification requirements to constitute our core knowledge competencies.


TCI offers one of the best curriculum in the lighting industry and pledges to continue to always offer the best and most reflective training curriculum for industry practices.

Lighting Certification sets a baseline standard that covers the entire scope of the vast lighting field. TCI provides the subject matter training to insure our students are prepared for the exam. The TCI Professional Lighting Solutions Certification (PLS) final exam is based entirely on the subject matter covered by the NCQLP exam. As a result students can elect to take the NCQLP exam and upon passing it TCI will grant the PLS certification.


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